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Tuesday 12 February 2008

RWP #14 "ode to the body"

I've got a diagnostic army in my head
feels like soldiers made of plastic, tin and lead.
They are marching up and down to find my brain
and a chemical brigade invades my vein.
Ack-ack-ack, Ack-ack-attack! I'm fighting back!

Of course, when the diagnosis didn't work
they sent for the Neuro-Surgeon Doctor Burke.
Who wanted to drill a hole into my head
It's a simple operation, so he said.
Ack-ack-ack, Ack-ack-attack! I'm fighting back!

So I took my head to see another Quack
all he did was stick a needle in my back.
But hey, even if and when, they find my brain
I'll hide my mind, my soul, my memory lane.
Ack-ack-ack, Ack-ack- attack! I'm fighting back!

Next time they're going to scan me, front and back
but please, don't send me to that Quack 'Flat-tyre Jack!'
Ack-ack-ack, Ack-ack-attack! I won't come back!


  1. Just Jen- I intend to stay well away from 'Flat-tyre Jack!'

  2. Hi Anthony, I just read your post on the brain, really enjoyed it!

  3. fun,fun,fun post :) Thanks.

  4. Hi ul- Thanks, it was fun writing this too! But it's really hurting my head...

  5. So funny! Don't know why but it made me think of "Gunga Din"...

  6. Hi Chicklegirl- If I had a song in my head when I started writing this, it was 'Yackety Yack!' I think I've just got a bee in my bonnet now!

  7. Thanks Steve, I was over at your blog this morning, it looks cool!

  8. A fun poem! Lots of snappy rhymes, and alliteration.

    I'll be sure to avoid that quack like the devil. :)

  9. Love the marching band refrain. Sets all the docs "off".

  10. Keep on fighting! Great poem.

  11. Hi Deb, Glad you liked it, I'm really trying to scare off the Doc's!

    Thanks Watermaid, I'm not giving up just yet!

  12. Sorry, I got here late. I like that refrain very much!

  13. I like it- very funny plus it "sounds like" a great punk song


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