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Thursday 22 April 2021

2021 #22


Napowrimo 2021



Do you want me to cut your food up for you

one of them asks me at breakfast time

No thank you I reply shovelling my eggs

with a plastic spoon and biting into my bacon

After brekkie they tell me that it's window

cleaning day you remember how to do that

don't you they ask in a round about way

Yes of course I reply we did it last year

Okay they say would you like the chamois or

the squeegee or do you want to foot the ladders

I want to put the soapy hot water on the windows

I inform them in no uncertain terms please I beg

We don't use hot water any more they tell me

we use cold aqueous ozone water these days

we just spray it on squeegee it off and buff it up

Okay I tell them I'll go on the chammy I think

As we go out to the garden to set up the ladders

the health and safety officer hurries over shouting

Have you undertaken a risk assessment he asks

you can't let patients climb ladders without one

Yes of course my caregiver tells the obnoxious man

we have filled out the forms in triplicate for you

They don't actually let me climb the ladders although

they have a better plan they send me up on a cherry

picker strapped to a guard rail to stop me from falling

From the top floor windows I can see all of the estate

as the cherry picker moves along to the next window

wobbling a bit hello am I even flying on this crazy thing


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