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Thursday 8 April 2021

2021 #8


Napowrimo 2021



They come in a yellow van

to collect me from work everyday

sometimes they drag me home screaming

Take your tablets when we tell you to they say

funnelling them down my throat

I don't like them I shout I don't want them

and I hate you more than you love Eccles Cakes

We don't like you either they reply in unison

but we have to come here to help you

to make sure you don't harm yourself

so shut up or we'll flaming batter you

After they think that I have fallen asleep

in my supa dupa reclining chair in front of the TV

they talk to each other about the disco last night

and how many Pernod and blacks they swallowed

Blooming Nora how long is it since I went to a disco

I used to do the Tamla Walk at the Ocean Ballroom

but they won't remember that I don't suppose

After the meals on wheels lady goes home

they undress me drag me upstairs and put me to bed

Do I really remember that or am I dreaming

hello am I even dancing around the ballroom

or am I hallucinating in the bedroom on the medication

that they just stuck down my throat sideways


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