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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #8 coronavirus 15

They come every morning
to check that I'm okay
Have you got a temperature
Are you feeling hot they ask
I don't know they've got the glass stick
do they still have glass sticks these days

Nobody knows who's got this Corona thingy
and what they're trying to say now in America
is that most of the people over sixty five
who will die from this virus would have died
anyway from something else

But my carers still come and check up on me
they wear scary masks and placky gloves
they say things like 'Have you got any sanitizer'
and 'can I just check your temperature'
Hello am I even hot - under the collar perhaps

I used to drink Tizer I tell them and Corona
from the mobile pop man when he came round
they have no clue what I'm talking about
no idea what pop is/was they think that pop is
some kind of radio music thing they don't
like pop they like rap but they call it wrap

I told them I invented rap music but in those
days everybody called my version crap music

They only know what I tell them (I think)
and I don't tell them anything useful
like all my pin numbers and my passwords
I don't tell them because I can't remember them
they don't ask me anything any more they ignore me
Hello am I even hot/drinking/sinking whatever

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #7 coronavirus 14

His worst enemy was yesterday's friend
don't borrow don't lend try not to pretend

He's mad crazy now or so I've been told
tomorrow they say is another day
no matter how much he sells or he sold
there's someone somewhere with interest to pay

Dirty as an old dinosaur ditty
the seashore is only over the way
no one can go there more is the pity
where do they go to if they want to play

Virus enquirers that made the web crash
the forest foxgloves in mushroom tree wood
everyone's running no time left to dash
there's none good but God only God is good

Don't borrow don't lend try not to pretend
his worst enemy was yesterday's friend

Monday, 6 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #6 Coronavirus 13

Staying home no holidays this year
off the cuff remarks city breaks
Perth Edinburgh tulips from hamster jam

Is truth stranger than fiction
or no stranger to fiction
faction perhaps maybe
what do you know about
the way things once were
the way things are now

No easy economical choices
no practical solutions
unless you have two homes
a Mark Ten Jag or two Smart cars

Doctor Lassie had a position
that allowed her the luxury
to say one thing and do another

Politically inept incorrect
bake a Victoria sponge
fill your thigh high boots
and shut your cake hole

Sunday, 5 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #5 coronavirus 12

Bombastic unfair cynical
end times end line rhymes clinical

The cyclical nature of things
what goes up must fall back to ground
although some people wear gold rings
not many carats to the pound

Disaster famine all out war
earthquake tsunami and disease
it's all been said and seen before
the multi-millions you won't please

Upside around downside they slide
unlike air-planes across the sky
some slip outside at home they glide
construction cranes no longer fly

End times end line rhymes clinical
bombastic unfair cynical

Saturday, 4 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #4

If only you would come and rescue me
isolation what make of man are thee

One man at home without his phone might groan
but he or maybe she it won't be me
because I won't rely on this alone
my freedom is to be or not to be

Mistaken it seems that you have taken
this viral virus and become engrossed
mistaken not however forsaken
all roads lead to another to be crossed

Thriller the killer she lives in my ward
I've been awaiting for her to get bail
maybe perhaps someone could bribe the guard
is there not any way out of this jail

Isolation what make of man are thee
if only you would come and rescue me

Friday, 3 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #3

She paints the wall like her heart black
no matter what there is no lack
Everybody's looking at me
says she with a look of disdain
if only they would let me be
back home laid up to nurse her pain
Rejoicing this side of heaven
when the wind blows in from the east
eleven one more than even
the best that comes out of the west
Sometimes impossible to face
without having to break her heart
and yet sufficient is God's grace
although she tries to act the part
She paints the wall like her heart black
no matter what there is no lack
Everybody's looking at me
when the wind blows in from the east
if only they would let me be
the best that comes out of the west

Thursday, 2 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #2

For love minus money and its proceeds
the things we do in place of dirty deeds
Only others think that love is an art
breaking the rules but life can't be this cruel
baby right from the off you broke my heart
but in my crown you are the missing jewel
Darling your beauty I want to behold
I wanna hear you moan and make you groan
I have been told that you are crazy bold
I never ever want to be alone
The love of money is evil I swear
if I could never ever see your face
yeah it might be too much for me to bear
time after time and then place after place
The things we do in place of dirty deeds
for love minus money and its proceeds

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #1

Happening everywhere under the sun
yellow blue black an' white an' brown stroke red
she may be red but not as dull as dun
an enemy that goes over my head

What will happen if the night sky turns white
and red - unlike the chops upon her cheeks
which way will we delight in her delight
there's nothing I can say although she reeks

This new virus invisible you know
we can't see it or even hear its sound
numbers undertaking all on the go
and lose - how many more will go to ground

Although coronavirus might be rare
it's too early to know how to compare

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

napowrimo 2020 introduction coronavirus 9


Never say never again, because here we are, here I am sitting down in anticipation of completing my twelfth year of napowrimo, the thirty poems in thirty days challenge during the month of April.

This year of course we have the additional worldwide threat of Coronavirus hanging over all of us.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy napowrimo 2020 and to leave you with a little taster of what is to come.

Coronavirus 9
everything's gonna be fine blah blah
misinformation disinformation
confusion illusion
and anything else ending
in iron yon or shone blah blah blah
blues false news penny chews
situation frustration
intimidation constipation
all these may or may not be
symptoms of immunity
blah blah blah di blah blah blah

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Coronavirus 8

novirusinformation dot con

Thunder clapping light embracing the shame

they tell me it's not love it must be lust
oh what a crying shame but who's to blame
if there's no one to care who can you trust
Novirusinformation dot con/straight
they tell us that we can have what we had
the things we hate will multiply like bait
before they get better or drive us mad
Mad as a hatter or mad lazy so
crazy baby lazy to the extreme
isolation living the dream whoa woe
explanation on hold like my big dream
Victory will come when we all get well
okay until then our lives might be hell

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Coronavirus 7

If only things were made out to be fair
the time it takes make no mistake to name
that come what may Charlie will still be heir
although if this virus puts us to shame

Across the globe who will remain in power
only the ones who face us face to face
therefore if their ideas do not flower
they will lose power and end in disgrace

They ask is day as bright as night is black
or are things not really quite as they seem
the rich will still be rich and have no lack
workers can only dream of self esteem

So troubles come and go in times of woe
if that's the way things are it sure looks so

Friday, 27 March 2020

Coronavirus 6

Where did you go to my long long lost friend
please don't pretend that you're everyone's friend

Bitter sweet holiday
romance it ain't
there's always a reason
to season with salt

In Norfolk and Windsor
she may be the Queen
been at the helm
before Karloff was born

But now that he's got it
and Charlie boy too
what a conumdrum
the heir to the throne

So don't come to Cornwall
or Scotland or Wales
do as they tell you
don't do as they do

Where did you go to my long long lost friend
please don't pretend that you're everyone's friend

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Coronavirus 5

Contradiction personified
they talk about the turning tide
food parcels will be left outside

Seventy eight point seven four zero two
inches not only when you're in the queue
at work practice social distance too

God bless the NHS stay home save lives
no work no income how will they survive
Universal Credit – you can't get through
but volunteers got signed by half past two

Seventy eight point seven four zero two
inches not only when you're in the queue
at work practice social distance too

Contradiction personified
they talk about the turning tide
food parcels will be left outside

Coronavirus 4

COVID – 19
conspiracy theory
they say people say
the powers that be
and their puppet Gendarmes
they've got us
where they want us
locked up
or locked down
in every city
countryside village
or self isolated town

However rules are elective
and only apply
to the unschooled unwashed
but not to the guy
that wants to keep making
more products to sell
hell he'll find ways to
keep his wokforce well
well maybe not well but
you know what I mean
he'll say they're essential
to the NHS scheme
of course what he really means
is his personal wealth
he's entitled to dream

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Coronavirus 3

So (comma) they say - before they respond
spondulicks lighting up their greedy eyes
yes – so – the buzz response to anything
kerching un-till the Jack and Jill is full

Full of candy and sugar coated dough
doe ray me far so - so what - sew it up
put I before E except after C
see what I'm talking about now – money

Money money money bread and honey
phoney telephoney transportation
transport by buses trains and cars it's not
nothing is - rarely really - what it seems

Seems like so - is the new well – how deep's that
that's way out and groovy - surely not that

Monday, 23 March 2020

Coronavirus 2

Uncertain uncertainty
insanity believe me
no one knows 'cos
the answer ain't here

Welcome to the global village
that's too tired to sleep

Leap up and down
(in your dreams)
and celebrate the street
take a walk in the forest
but watch out for those Gestapo trees

Cuckoo as the Stepford Quintet
experimental triangulation
with a pinch of Tippex (Strikethrough) sex

Now nobody can go anywhere
unless they've got some place to go
Ironically chronically
de ja vue we've not been this scared
since nineteen eighteen

Emotionally unstable
the insatiable appetite
of the super bitch
sadists masochists
and the extremely rich

To King Karloff and his phoney cronies
sideways ain't up

Sunday, 22 March 2020


cyrus virus
the sparrow's beak
corona pop the saxaul's peek
at lonely girl
bubble and squeak
is isolation cold or beek

up the paddle
without a creak
as silent as a lonely leek
when she went up
atop the peak
the tide was turning in the creek

no one was there
oh what a weak
and helpless thing timid and meek
so far apart
things look so bleak
pray she gets better by next week

cyrus virus
the sparrow's beak
corona pop the saxaul's peek
at lonely girl
bubble and squeak
is isolation cold or beek

Saturday, 22 February 2020

What's up Doc???

If they did it the way we wanted it
to be done it would be okay but they
have no clue which way is up

They run their company like a dinner lady
running a nineteen sixties school canteen
they're full of hot air not quite up to full steam

Living the dream off the back of the working men
and women that graft for food and drink and a roof
over their head if their lucky plucky perhaps

Waiting for the right time to pounce
on that mythical ounce of gold
that we were told would be definitely could be ours

If we keep our heads down and our noses clean
it's like talking to a brick wall trying to get any sense
out of them the entitled ones that think they rule

Of course they do while we let them drive roughshod
over us as we cower to their demands for lower pay
increased productivity and a longer working day

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Leave or stay...

So you wanna get outta here fast faster than a speeding shinkansen quicker than that air-ship that they said would change the world nothing does that that quick but everything that happens happens for a reason everything has a season a time to live a time to cry a time to do a time to dye your hair too many people want what they can't have want what you've got will drag you to the floor and will come kicking chicken licking raving and screaming to your Vardo caravan door who's selling tickets for the final curtain who can you trust when the government refuse to represent those that elected them please don't vote unless you're certain the little dzien dobry girls laughing in the factory canteen at the boys and down the hall the left luggage office whirls crammed to the hilt with broken toys the good old boys of the boys brigade no lack of moral fibre here missing in action presumed dead comrade we don't need this kind of fear if we leave what about the NHS if we stay what about the corporate debt on the right what will happen to this mess on the left looking for a deal I bet jaw jaw brexit what a bore we don't want this war no more who's going to pick the fruit if Italian Sam the man from Castel del Monte and the Romanian women can't come what will happen if all the Poles go back to Warsaw and the anomaly of it all is that the Irish can vote in the UK and the English don't even recognise Eire as a foreign country yet anyhow you can't leave the room and still stay in it you can't say one thing and do chuff all from the darkness the light was lit they tell me pride comes before a fall where there's a will there's a way what does God say about this mess the wind is ill for the people have no say the parting of the waters post traumatic stress see-saw whatsit yeah yeah hot foot we don't want this war no more they don't know not what we hoot jaw jaw brexit what a bore who's selling tickets for the final curtain please don't vote unless you're certain there's never a good time to get your feet wet die with your boots on hit them where it hurts carry on up the khyber sideways if you have to affix bayonets give it to them good style the trouble is that both sides have good points I guess that's why the vote was split too close making a deal is the wrong term to use to deal is to put your cards on the table cards is a gamble and someone will lose confusion illusion and all that jizz that'll soon fizzle out an arrangement would be a better word make for a better world with BM and her Mercedes friends but what about the backstop easy peasy lemon squeezy forget about the Mexican Berlin Hadrian's Wall all we have to do is to let Ulster and her 1.9 million punters which is a million less than the West Midlands or Greater Manchester and only a little bit more than Merseyside or South Yorkshire claim dual citizenship with Eire like that end of the Island wants them to and bingo job done whilst in days gone by er der yes busman at Maine Road the advertising slogan on the old main stand roof used to say around a million renters can't be wrong although four million more voters want to leave than stay but the forty eight per cent still need their say the vociferous mediocrity whatever happened to democracy all of the ball's got to be over all of the line or it's not a goal and we think that's fine according to technology first past the post will win no need to re-count the votes so what's the problem do you think that the fifty two per cent have changed their minds or perhaps that apathy has set in maybe that is the problem and the hope that things might change with another vote would a general election float your boat or another referendum dum dum to dumb things down in this mad circus for that clown but like I said thirty six or more moons ago nothing will change the rich will still be richer than the poor the skyscrapers will still go up like the prices for essential things according to the left wings press but fall almost drastically if you listen to the right so who's wrong anyway only time will tell and there's not much of that left or is there if the truth be known we'll most likely have another three years or more of indecision arguments and political unrest and here's me looking forward to that pre 1973 two pence Mars Bar and petrol at seven pence a litre and the thing that's not been mentioned yet no VAT on the other hand we have to look at the human rights employment laws and the safeguarding of the NHS if we leave without an arrangement they're anybody's guess and you couldn't trust Boris to deliver on climate change with his china plate playing top trumps with Don for fun with a dodgy card and a loaded gun up his manicured sleeve if I were you I would start growing potatoes 'cos by all accounts we'll be on war rations soon so get yourself a fishing rod or better still a canoe or two and catch some cod for fish and chips and make sure your ration book is up to date or you'll be late and stuck at the back of the queue for bread and honey and there won't be any money left at the bank you'll need a wheel barrow full of dosh to get some nosh do you really wanna leave hard cheddar cheese
070919/1000 words

Brexit exit XXI

Trick or treat don't confuse me not my muse
what could be worse than your chapter and verse
nothing adds up King Karloff's not much use
running with blinkers no time to rehearse

Euro no deal there's nothing to compare
they tell you sell you up the river gems
forty eight fifty two don't care how rare
bell bottoms flairs we're stitched up like their hems

Sixty forty mind the gap right to write
seventy thirty would be really fair
Karloff and his belly are not that bright
backstop cricket silly mid-on hot air

To do it right you need to do it well
get it right and there's nothing you can't sell

Monday, 12 August 2019

How we evolved?

maybe or perhaps not but some say
that the aliens emerged from the sea
others of course maintain that evolution
is what it was all about
then many years later as technology became available
telescopes and cameras were deployed on the moon
and aimed at the earth to record all that they saw

but time out there isn't the way we see it down here
therefore what goes up may or may not come down
and the future might not start after the present
much like the past is more than likely
not necessarily before the present day
in fact there are no different days out there
all days and or nights for that matter are exactly the same

and it's cold I mean really cold but nobody grows old
and nobody dies they just float off to another place
to a new existence exponentially through the roof
if they had one if you know what I mean but they don't
and won't get it any more than those that thought
that humanoids evolved from sea creatures
or perhaps aliens that had splash landed in the oceans
of the world and eventually crawled ashore

no one really believes anything any more
they simply accept what they have or have not been told
the great unwashed the gullible multitudes
give me your money I'll come and collect it
if time doesn't exist what are we doing here
waiting for morning and going to work
why do we bother scrimping and saving
for a day that may not even rain

and the Moonsters out there are filming Genghis Khan
and the Great Wall of China
and one day not that there are any days out there of course
some of us are going to go there and crash land on the moon
and bring the recordings back to earth
so everybody will finally know what really happened
and won't have to rely on or believe in
the supposedly recorded history of our planet

but you won't really want to travel there by rocket
if I were you and thankfully I'm not you or anybody else
that I know or perhaps don't but believe me I would wait
until new space technology has been developed
something safer and faster or maybe you should go fishing
with that metal detector you stashed in the attic all those years ago
and bag yourself one of those alien craft that litter the ocean floor
it's only a matter of knowing where to look
or perhaps to hook it if you dig and don't get wet just saying