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Monday 12 April 2021

2021 #12

Napowrimo 2021



She thinks up great ideas but does nothing much about them/ She hides things in cupboards under the stairs/ Suitcases full of pharmaceutical pills/ Countries the size of Iraq and Iran would be glad of her medical aide/ And stacks of invoices for pills that she’ll never pay for and never take/ I knocked on her front door once and asked her for Ibuprofen/ She looked everywhere but couldn't find any/ It was under the carpet she said later when I asked her to look again/ I spent all day trying to help her catalogue things but she changed them all back after I left/ Under the stairs her collection of medication tumbles like confetti when you open the hallway door/ Underneath the carpet she hides her prescriptions/ Nobody knows where she keeps her money/ She says she's not rich but she dreams that she will be one day/ She made me a cup of tea and asked if I would like a red pill to accompany it/ I said No thanks but if you've got a blue one I'll take that/ She mumbled something about a boy band and went off to find a bluey/ By the time she got back my tea was stone cold/ So I poured it into my vodka smoothie and sucked it through a straw/ 12042021 

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