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Sunday 1 April 2018

Day One 2018

DAY ONE 2018

They built this street a hundred years before
And rebuilt it sometime after the war
A farmers field in eighteen thirty three
The Victorians changed all that you see
Throwing up new houses and building roads
In nineteen twenty something art deco
Those metal frames with little panes of glass
replaced the sash cord windows of the past
But Hitler's bombs put paid to idle dreams
When the war was over - new housing schemes
Although somehow this terrace row still stands
The sunburst plasterwork replaced by hand
And all those little panes put back in place
Then double glazing came and changed the face
On and on into this new century
They say it takes a special eye to see
What was once there and oh who really cares
I know I change the mood – I want to share
That's it that's all I really have to say
About bits of St Budeaux on this day

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