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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

NaPoWriMo (8) Three Word Wednesday

Written for 3WW CXXXII
and NaPoWriMo day eight.
Todays words at 3WW are:
Flirt Ploy Stunning
Here's mine:


truth by definition is absolute

relative truth is what you tell your mum

sometimes your dad when he lends you his car

stunning as the truth may be it can’t lie

perhaps it’s just my imagination

sometimes I tell pork-pies to flirt with you

quizzical as a hanging judge you think

and decide before I ask you what for

how did Modigliani paint like that

what did Australia used to be called

if you could sail to Tahiti would you

the stuff of life is a little bit like

your own ploy of skirting round the issue

but the truth is still waiting to be told


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  1. I think you've pretty much summed up 'truth' there :-)

  2. Daring and nice attempt !!
    Those three words used smartly in context of TRUTH.

  3. I love the metaphorical spokes you have tied together in this. Very clever!

  4. This is simply wonderful. I like how it just rolls in your head as you read it. Wonderful poem.

  5. I love the metaphors. I love the choice of words, smooth as we read it. And the actual topic is sweet. I like this a lot.

  6. Tidy universe! Clever and lyrical.

  7. so very perfect !! interesting read :)

  8. Ah, a poem about hedging the issue that itself hedges the issue! Very nicely done.

  9. True lies?Loved the wry humor in it and the way you play along with the subject turning it inside out and upside down.It also,I must say,goads the reader to think.

  10. 'quizzical as a hanging judge' Don't know why but those words really grabbed my attention. I enjoyed this poem (unusual for me as I am not a lover of poetry generally).

  11. I like the flow of the poem.

  12. Fascinating. Now I have to go look up Modigliani. Thanks for the entrance to the rabbit hole.

  13. "truth by definition is absolute

    relative truth is what you tell your mum"

    Dese were d best lines


  14. Wonderfully written little piece about the truth!


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