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Saturday 16 April 2022



Napowrimo 2022 DAY #16

& Andy's 150 word Daily Nonsense Challenge


Devon and Cornwall up in Dartmoor or down by the sea

make your dreams come true in the Westcountry

believe the hype on Daytime TV that you can retire to a new county

of course you can and you'll love it too if you play Rugby or support Argyle

if you like a laugh it makes me smile when I watch the bile on Daytime TV

if you're not ready to sell your house and move just yet you can get a doer upper

for the price of a cuppa and flip it for a profit on Daytime TV

but don't go down the route of a second house or holiday home

it's not the done thing any more now than it ever was

it keeps the workers poor and the poor poorer than they were before

buy a Fisherman's cottage if you like he won't need it any more


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