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Friday 16 April 2021

2021 #16


Napowrimo 2021



What went on down Leaky Bottom school

It would have been the talk of the pub

but of course the bar's not been open since

the pandemic knocked the village sideways

So now it's the talk of the school playground

nobody really knows what Miss did or to who

behind the bikesheds last night apart from

a couple of underage smokers and the CCTV

The school caretaker said he had had an inkling

when he found several suspicious items discarded

in the cricket pavilion but that's always been the

sticky wicket with little room for a batsman to boast

It wasn't until the ANPR sensor picked up a dodgy

motor in the area that the investigation even started

so what did go on down at the bottom of the village

some say it happened in the old red telephone box

But according to the local Bobby nothing happened

There's absolutely no circumstantial evidence at all

only a lot of rumour gossip blah blah and speculation

he tells the Mothers Union at the local church hall

Until someone lets the Cheshire cat out of the bag

we'll all have to grin and bear it only time will tell

then all hell will break loose and the guilty will be found

sackings are inevitable you can't do things like that at school

Miss and her mystery man are married but not to each other

Here's Cain's curse we've all done worse so where does that

leave us sadly not in the playground or the telephone box

so do you still want to play the hanging judge and jury now


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