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Tuesday 13 April 2021

2021 #13


Napowrimo 2021



Hello am I even sitting here listening to you

if so I don't know why 'cos all you do is lie

I've heard your excuses a zillion times before

listen to me for a change I'm not sitting here no more

It's not that I don't like your big house it's just that I want

to go home now to my own home where I know what's where

I'm not taking them blinking green pills no more I don't care

all that water that I'm drinking now you've really got me thinking

I know you say that I get hot under the collar sometimes

but I don't know about that rot or what disease you think I've got

the only place I don't get cold is in my right leg I'm getting old

and I've been told only Tuesday afternoons mornings maybe too

You know that you can't keep me here locked up forever

if you don't let me go home I will escape this hell padded cell or not


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