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Tuesday 26 April 2022



Napowrimo 2022

DAY #26


Hose was at the airport

to fly to Singapore

he took a brown paper bag


a box tied up with string


everything in to begin a new life


It might have been worse of course

it could have been his wife

with all her little bits squashed up

into that minute brown box

tied up with string

What did you do

to your wife Hose

what did you do

do you really think that

you got away with

the perfect crime


there's no such thing

you'll get caught some time

and when they catch you

they'll put you in the clink


they will find you Hose

When they find her body

on the Essex shore in the

City of Southend on Sea

they'll come looking for you

you see Hose like me

they know that you killed her

There won't be many

gin slings at Raffles Hotel

all that insurance money

will be reclaimed as well

Some say that you buried her

in a shallow grave

others that you buried her alive and

shovelled concrete

onto her head and

nobody heard her scream

but everybody knows that she's dead


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