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Tuesday 6 April 2021

2021 #6


Napowrimo 2021



They come every morning to make my breakfast

Have you taken your tablets today

one of them asks me knowing that I haven't

there's some nice water there she tells me

you can sip it with your tablets if you like

Thank you I reply biting into my toast

They turn the telly on it's the shopping channel

I ignore them as they start drooling at gadgets

Ooh I want a spray mop says one of them

Yeah the other one agrees they're flipping cool

They're like the Emperor's new clothes I tell them

What are - they say together - what are you on about

The spray mops I tell them somebody'll suss them out

You what – they say - they're the best thing since sliced bread

Where does all the dirt go then I ask them

I dunno says one of them maybe it sucks it up

Dream on I tell them it just gets pushed around the floor

Of course they don't believe me and they order one

I'm only trying to help you I tell them

I know dear says the older carer take your tablets now

I put them in my mouth and spit them into my hanky

I don't need this medication every day

I'm not taking it anyway hello am I even trying


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