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Sunday 11 April 2021

2021 #11


Napowrimo 2021



Mombasa to Marrakesh I guess

the film drones on until after midnight

into the new day and I'm at the front

of the movie theater snoring boring but

it's the third night showing this picture already

It's a long time until breakfast at Sally Jack's

ham and eggs and pancakes with maple syrup

I'll spend the day shining shoes as I always do

then I'll ride the all night buses till morning

another dollar another day done and dusted

but every cent spent on shows travel food and drink

or I would be like the great unwashed hoi palloi

busted for jaywalking under the overhead tracks

mainlining alcohol (or drugs or other substances)

Concrete poetry is not my forte cell phones graffiti

lyrics swing and all that jazz rigor mortis pour moi

jailhouse rock bail without parole at the county jail

madness personified they lock the vagrant up again

put him in a casket when they're done kicking him

can't keep a good man down they say before they shoot

pushing up daisies in the prison yard beyond the fence

basketball was never like this in the parking structure

muscle beach it's not nor is it an indoor gymnasium

they let me out for good behaviour I've done my time

early sunlight hurts my one good eye as I exit the flicks

I spend my nights captivated by cinematic dreams

infused with popcorn chilli dogs and cigarette smoke

confused by shoe polish memories of nursery school

wax crayons smelly brown cardboard boxes with lids

as the on screen bullets fly I will continue to hallucinate

about those one third pint bottles of milk with straws

memories of yesteryear encapsulated in my thoughts

of all the minds in all the world you walk into mine

Have you had your electric shock treatment yet or licked

the sugar cube with a red microdot on it did it dissolve

solve your problems immunise you from reality

make you the person everybody else wants you to be

or are you like me a borderline mastermind wage slave

minimum time shining shoes for nickels and dimes


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