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Wednesday 11 April 2018

Day Eleven


It's all in the mind or is it - what is it anyway about codology all those pieces of information ironed out on scraps of paper - I cause a commotion every time I pop to the local shops - when they say do
you want a plastic bag I say no thank you give me a brown paper bag please – then they throw a wobbler – it's all cobblers hold the shoes throw the boot in – but don't use those self service tills whatever you do – how many jobs have been lost so far and how many more people will lose their jobs – think about it if you need a part time job at the supermarket you're not going to get one any time soon because some mad robot has already got it - every one of those self service thingies represents at least three jobs lost forever – another pet hate of mine is buy two for the price of one I just really don't like the up-selling mentality on the chicken thigh shelf – and who are the winners and the losers in all of this supermarketficiality – it's all in the mind or is it? PS I'm making deliveries with the Milkman's Horse the Pony Express it's not but at least it knows the doors – I'm coughing like forty a day waking up every fourth minute and falling back to sleep – bulimic I'm not pneumonia next stop confused now certainly she put three chickens against the wall and told me to take my chops

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