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Wednesday 27 April 2022


Napowrimo 2022

DAY #27


UNFINISHED POEM (part three)

Cinderella's sisters turned up again today riding motorbikes

Four up on a two seater 125 and four more in the sidecar

Tricycles are a big thing in the provinces for transportation

They also have a number of cargo versions for carrying goods

I stick to riding a solo Honda fifty goes like a rocket

I've been riding it for the last four years in the Philippines top bike

I was thinking of the European writers in the Pacific

Writers and painters artists musicians and other innovators

That spent time and/or ended their days on one of the Islands out here

How long are you going to Singapore for for as long as it takes

Twenty minutes sitting on the runway waiting for the plane to go

The transfer to Manila smooth as the proverbial baby's bot

The security guards at the stores carry guns and search everyone

On the way in and on the way out they smile at me and wave me through

Security Filipino style okay Joe they say okey doke

I like my sugar fermented presented in a bottle of beer

Water of course is the essential fluid that we all need daily

Soda's so called don't do it for me Coke can't cut it inside or out

The beer Kubo opened earlier every day beer before breakfast

They picked the fresh fruit from the trees and cooked it on an open fire

Chicken beef squid and king prawns finger foods palutan for drinking beer

Reinventing the sundial handbags at six o' clock two bob a pop

They knock a tree down to make some wine and a Carolina Sofa

Once inside with the dregs to drink and an empty bottle of plonkish

At the pre-nup disco and they all turn up Cinderella's sisters

We sleep it off on the sofa that they made in the yard of the house

That Jack built and we turn around and we all fall down in unison

27042022/Bubbly as Champagne 

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