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Thursday, 21 April 2022



Napowrimo 2022 DAY #21

Nonsense from the top of my head


There are words you can use and words that

would be unthinkable to use in this modern day

words like churlish that may or may not mean

rude ill-tempered and/or impolite you'd have to be

as uncultured as a boorish barbarian to even consider

the type of behaviour that is thought to represent this

tasteless uncivilised word whose origins go back to

at least Anglo Saxon times where a Churl

although a landowner and farmer was looked down upon

by all and sundry as a lowly uncouth person who didn't

know when to blab or burp I guess he was the whipping boy

between the stocks but words and cultures evolve and

here's a new way of looking at this word that you may

not have considered before you see whenever you break a word

down into it's compound parts you invariably come up with at least

a couple of new words in this case if we take churl it not only

sounds like girl but in some senses it actually becomes girl

or perhaps girlish if you expand on this theme you eventually

come to a totally new meaning for churlish

which is childish and girlish neither of these words are acceptable

in common speak today so sorry folks the word churlish

has to be erased from the English language forthwith

21042022/nonsense poem

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