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Friday 9 April 2021

2021 #9


Napowrimo 2021





Easy as you go it's your turn to cook for your wife

it's Sunday morning weekend duties and all that

preparation is the key to a great dish so first things first

you need the soup vegetables to make a nice stock

then add two types of pepper sometimes three

a pinch of salt Himalayan or Kosher will do nicely

A knob of butter a tablespoon of olive oil

and whatever you do don't forget the onions

brown spring red shallots leeks and chives

then there's the herbs or the 'erbs as they say elsewhere

you'll need to pick them fresh from the kitchen garden

or use them dried from a bottle or jar

Anyway let's get down to it start chopping the veggies

all the onions but keep the brown ones back for later

bung the veg in a pan cover with water add the salt

bring to the boil turn the light down and simmer

when it looks and smells like a dogs dinner

add some chicken fillets (turkey or white fish will do)

Take a roasting tray pour the olive oil in and add the butter

stick the tray into a red hot oven for a few minutes

pull it out again turn the oven down a bit and close the door

remove the chicken fillets turkey or white fish from the stock

and place it in the hot oil and return the tray to the oven

Phew let the chicken or what have you cook for a few minutes

turn the light off under the stock pot and let it stand

pull the fillets out of the oven turn them over pour the stock

over the top add the herbs and as much pepper as you like

A drop of wine and a teaspoon of mustard at this stage helps too

if you don't like putting wine in your cooking pour yourself a glass

likewise a bit of Dijon on a roast potato is a very satisfying snack

finally slice the brown onion and fry on a medium heat and add to

the other ingredients before serving remember presentation is key

Okay roast some potatoes if you have to or serve this dish with rice

pilau rice sticky rice brown rice red or green lentils or semolina 

it's nice whichever way you make it so bingo that's how to cook

your wife a nice meal and eat her dinner for her if she doesn't like it


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