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Monday 5 April 2021

2021 #5


Napowrimo 2021

Day Five


I like to watch football on TV

but they think football is like rugby

they don't understand the beautiful game

they turn the TV over and watch the adverts

I just sit there and stare at the kitchen wall

They play with their mobile telephones

and put likes on things that they think they like

I like watching football but I wouldn't take them

imagine them going to a proper game

in a proper stadium with loads of fans

They think that fans can only blow cold air

which is nearly true as a lot of fans

talk a lot of hot air about their teams

I try and get up from my reclining chair

but trip on the mat and fall flat on my face

they come over and help me to get back up

Just tell us if you need the bathroom they say

Pride comes before a fall they tell me later

I don't really know where they read that though

I'm not even sure if they can both read

I just want to watch the football I tell them

Why don't you have an afternoon nap they say

you can watch your football after the adverts

I'm not tired I don't need to go to sleep

hello am I even snoring help me please


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