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Wednesday 31 March 2021

Napowrimo 2021 Intro...




It's napowrimo time again, the challenge is to write thirty poems, one for each day in April. This will be my thirteenth year and you can read all of my previous entries on this blog. You can search the internet for prompts if you think it will help you with ideas for poems and you can post your work to numerous sites if you crave feedback. So, Happy NaPoWriMo enjoy the challenge.


Here's a little something to set the mood, Exodus prompted by Nimfa Gabuyo Sewina.


eventually everything turns to dust

long ago perhaps in a time that is now lost

nasty creatures roamed the earth

preying on lesser life forms

in a wilderness of shame or did they

who really knows what happened

before the dawn of time

some say that raging seas covered the planet

others argue that glacial ice blighted the land

one man's riches is another man's rust

and the fact is that theory is fact unwrapped

dangling there like the emperor's new clothes

but nobody really knows why would they

but it seems the wicked world is still intact

or so they the great unwashed tell me

and heading for a brilliant fall ,as the globe warms

climate change will always be with us

rainbows and umbrella's can't stop a hail of bullets

it's the same old yarn hook line and sinker

beer before breakfast exodus no not yet


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  1. You can clink the links in my right hand sidebar to see my napowrimo poems from previous years.


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