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Sunday 3 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 2011 Day Three

Okay it's day three of Napowrimo already, and I'm worried sick about going to the hospital on Tuesday, surgeons always recommend surgery like butchers always want to sell you meat. I wrote the piece below before I checked last years Day Three offering, and there's a remarkable similarity in the style. Phew!
acrostic in this format would be crude
crude as the oil that makes those men rich
rich like they say they need to operate
operate in a makeshift surgery
surgery for any fool they can take
take out his organ or that one or if...

if this is the way that they do it crude
crude as a rhyme that thinks it's a sonnet
sonnet surgery in operation
operation that nobody needs now
now listen we need to operate now
now is the time while you're still young enough

enough is enough I can't see the time
time to forgive and forget acrostic

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  1. Whoa - two-two-two forms in one!

    Sorry about the surgery. Make sure you take lots of pads and pens to the hospital and - this is serious - just breathe. I will pray that all goes well for you.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Andy.

    Amy Barlow Liberatore

  2. You beat us all to it today, Andy.
    Nice one!

  3. Brilliant: I hate writing acrostics but love figuring them out. Yours is a multi-faceted gem.

  4. Thanks Amy, I'm only going to see the consultant, I'm still hoping that there will be no operation.

  5. Clever poem!

    Hope everything goes okay for you.

  6. Great use of the form(s). I wish I could do that.

    Good luck with the health sfuff, dude.

  7. Hi Tilly Bud, thank you, thank you!

    Hi Viv, acrostics can be a bit like sudoku - frustrating!

    Stan, I didn't know it was a race, I still haven't found yours yet...

    Thanks Ron, mines poached not scrambled!!

  8. I love this piece, and poached eggs, too! ha! Good luck with incision happy medical establishment. Keep your organs intact! :) We need more words to read.

  9. Nothing crude here. The poem is playful and fun. "Crude as a rhyme that thinks it's a sonnet" - love that line. Hope all goes well for you personally.

  10. Andy, a playful piece and here's to not needling an operation. Good luck!


  11. good form Andy..thanks for sharing...and protect the organs!!

  12. What a fun poem! I enjoyed reading it and following the patterns.

  13. Thanks Brenda, I enjoyed your piece too!

    Mr. Walker, nice to meet you sir! Thanks for your thoughtful words.

    Hi Pamela, I hate needles, and the noise of that Black and Decker drill sends me bonkers!

  14. Thanks Wayne, good to see you here!

    Hi Marian, pleased to meet you! I think FUN! is what it's all about!!!

  15. Cleverly impressive...
    or impressively clever.
    Take your pick,
    for your two-in-one!

    ...also praying for your surgery...


  16. Nice work on Day 3. Good luck with Tuesday's surgery!

  17. Hi Paula, thanks for your prayers,

    Thanks Mary,I'm still hoping I don't need surgery! Hoping...

  18. Been having a bit of trouble leaving comments here. But, still wanted to say I love the playfullness of your well executed skill. And hope all goes well,


  19. Thanks Elizabeth, sorry you're having trouble commenting!


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