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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

TOP - "Like a Cowbird"

The cat sat on the mat
nobody told her to
she just sat there
'cos that's what cats do.
Nobody showed her
how to dig a hole
or how to catch a mouse.
She just knew what to do.
We speak to her in
English and Swahili
and she answers
with a miaow.
How clever's that?
She's a cool cat!


  1. But if you were brought up by cats, you'd just copy them - you'd be the copycat

  2. Hi Stan, if you/I was/were brought up by a cat we would probably act like a cat.
    But my theory is that cats have an inbuilt sense 'catsense' if you like.
    They simply know how to be a cat - a sort of genetic memory, perhaps.

  3. This almost sounds like Dr. Seuss. I like it!

  4. Thanks Linda, you're too kind..

  5. Very entertaining poem and you're right about cats I think.

  6. Thanks Crafty Green, cats always amaze me..

  7. A lively upbeat tone in honor of felines. I like how the cat answers back to English or Swahili.

  8. MB, you know cats make me smile too..

    Christine, it's funny how cats seem to understand all languages but always speak their own.

  9. hehe...the cat sounds like someone I know...
    sorry haven't been around for awhile, been superbusy, hopefully I'll get back here sooner than later!

  10. Hi, Just Jen, I'm on my nway over to your blog right now!

  11. Miaow Miaow Miaow...oops sorry Sweettalkingguy I was talking in cat language, another poem that bought a smile to my face.......
    I am now grinning like....wait for it........a cheshire cat (LOL)purrrrrrr ;-)

  12. Both of my kitties say "Meeeeooow...that's one cool cat on the mat!"


  13. Hi Stacey, just for the record, my cat really is a Cheshire cat..

    Hi Geraldine, Kittens are so cute! Yeah, it's true about cats and mats they just love sitting on something, even a newspaper..


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