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Tuesday 17 April 2018

Day Seventeen


Standing here waiting at the cold stop for the bus
you end up hating every car that passes by
Who took the public out of transport?
Who took the ting out of waiting (for the bus)?
Lifting one foot in front of the other
it's often easier to walk
Talking about brick walls and falling on deaf ears
shouting the odds don't/won't get you to work on time
Ting – it's my stop next – if the barber lets me off...
The thing (ting) perhaps about Plymouth buses is that
they/I/we don't understand what they mean by
the statement emblazoned on the Yellow Flash
Up to every fifteen minutes! What does that mean?
They only run every thirty minutes at the crucial time
when people are trying to get to and from work and...
I have to get three buses with a fifteen minute wait
between each one – ha! Maybe that's what they mean!

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