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Tuesday 12 April 2022



Napowrimo 2022

DAY #12


The women here are very beautiful while the men are some of the most handsome in the world the women brush everything several times a day tables chairs floors pathways driveways everywhere you look someone is brushing something or someone and tomorrow they will brush it/them all over again I just want to brush under the table Uncle they tell me and studiously they go about removing every grain of rice that I have just accidentally dropped there and the cat didn't get to fast enough what they don't realise of course is the amount of dust that they are creating no wonder I've been coughing my guts up ever since we first arrived here the dust from the constant brushing and the emissions from the traffic all add up to make a sore throat really really painful have you taken your medicine today Uncle they ask and give me a couple of pills to pop just in case I forgot to take them then they say would you like some tea or coffee Uncle water please I tell them but they always ignore me and bring coffee anyway I wait for it to go cold and then I drink it but it's oh so sweet everything over here is sweet ever so sweet even the fruit growing wild outside has a devilishly fruity sweetness to it but don't knock it there's fruit everywhere no one's going to starve this week or next and there'll be steaks for all hanging off the branches in Tiny Tree before we know it


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