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Saturday 10 April 2021

2021 #10


Napowrimo 2021



Nine to zero multiplication

manipulation contemplation

if you know the numbers you may

or may not be held to account

Some say that zero is the most

important number not least

the mathematicians Mesopotamians

and the morticians of this world

The Martians know a lot about zero too

as do the mickey takers mischief makers

and all in sundry to do with munitions

frightening as it might seem zero is not zilch

Ballyhoo Old Bamboo one and one and one

is three or one hundred and eleven or just one

depending on how you divi it up take a butchers hook

add some zero's and watch it change again

Compliance reliance don't complain if five plus five

is ten how many times can you multiply it and

divide it into infinity eternity conformity to carnality

and back to banality as brutal as your sudsless soap

Numbers nine to zero come in ground control

just clearing Cloud Nine now bombing it with tomato plants

and onion seeds Double O Seven is paragliding down

shovel in hand to dig the ground Pluto is the promised land


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