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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

TOP prompt "Internal Rhymes"

Prompted by Totally Optional Prompts

this is my attempt at a 'climbing rhyme'.


Climbing rhyming


Skimming the clock

with a block in

a sock. Ticktock

up the clock face

of rock they climb,

making time tick.

Day time they come

at a run, just

for fun to find.

In their mind they

must wind the key

clockwise. Three times

back, tree trunk style for a while, ticktock, I'll stop!



  1. This reminds me of a guy down by the docks who crawled out from under his overturned small boat one morning and asked me "Hey, What day'ja have?" He had to ask about four times before I understood, "what day do you have?".
    Your Tick Tock Stop made me laugh, so I had to write something for you.

  2. Thanks Jack, I appreciate that!

    It was written as a little experiment with the Climbing Rhyme form.

  3. A tick-tock beat to it, fits the subject of clocks - but there's something more to it that just stays in the background.

  4. Hi Stan, it must be the little Elves, scurrying about up and down the grandfather clock case, the size of a giant oak tree to you or me, maybe.

  5. That was different but very enjoyable. Afterwards I thought there should be a mouse in there somewhere - I was singing about it running up the clock.

  6. Hi Anthony, yeah the little elves could well be mice!

  7. I read it aloud liked the sound of it!

  8. this is great, whimsical yet sharp -- like skiing wonderful moguls in the mind... ;)

  9. Great rhythms. Very fun to read!

  10. Fun! Like reading Shel Silverstein!

  11. Hi Rob, thanks for the comment, I enjoyed writing this.

    Thanks Sue at Tumblewords, Is that like a clock movement?

  12. Hi witsblog.org, thanks for the visit, I love reading the things the children write over on your site.

    Thanks Linda, really enjoyed reading you beach poem, Florida? Phew!

  13. It is great rhyming. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss (it is a compliment-I love Dr.Seuss)

  14. It is great rhyming. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss (it is a compliment-I love Dr.Seuss)

  15. Thanks annamari, that really is a compliment!

  16. Was this hard to write? I think I would find a climbing rhyme very difficult. Great job.

  17. Thanks Nathan, it was my first attempt and I enjoyed figuring it out, it is however, quite a restricted form, so I don't know if I'll be doing many more.


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