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Monday, 21 October 2013

Society Vs Community

We've talked about the self
congratulatory society before
but what about community
and wheels within wheels

and who ever mentions the 
blokes who made the spokes
and told the jokes that kept
industry moving all those years

and the women that did/do two 
jobs came/come home and bring 
up the kids then put their husbands
dinner on the table and still do

I don't see blue plaques hiding the 
cracks on many terraced houses
there's one or two too few if you're not
on TV you won't have one will you


  1. i don't want to be accused of being a nice lady, but i think that poem's spot on. i'd love to hear it out load - have you got any gigs coming up?

    1. Hello Ruth, the next gig is on Nov 1, but I believe you may already be coming to that one. Thanks for the comment, you're right it needs to be recited to get the timing right.


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