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Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #10

Written for my son Jack Batty Sewina
and previously published in my collection
Proper Trog and Other Nursery Nonsense
copyright Andy Sewina aka Daddy Wise (c) 1993
Posted to Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Little Jack Batty sat on a tatty
eating his ploughmans lunch
with his breakfast all done
and his dinner to come
and said what a nice bit of brunch!


  1. I bet Jack Batty loved it!

    Alas, my dad did not write a limerick for me!



  2. I'm all hungry now. Enjoyed that.

  3. My daddy didn't write one for me either and my brother thinks people who write poetry are mad. I love words like 'tatty' and 'butty'

  4. Hi Gautami, many thanks!

    (Just for the record it's a Nursery Rhyme not a Limerick.)

    Hi Tony, You can probably get some supper, if you're quick!

    Carole, perhaps we're all mad but maybe some of us want to be sane.

  5. excellent, encompassing and warm :)

    thank you for coming, ive updated the song links, you can get to the download page directly :)

  6. great take off a nursery rhyme. i love brunch!

  7. Thanks Leatherdykeuk!

    Hi GP, you're too kind, I'll be over later and have another go... Thanks!

    Hi Floreta, Thanks, I nicked the format from 'Little Miss Muffet', but you probably know that...

  8. It's okay to nick formats, isn't it? :) I love this and I'll bet Jack Batty does too.

  9. This is adorable...what a lucky boy to have a Dad who wrote him limericks! Very clever. :~)

  10. Hi Sue@Tumblewords, when I say I nicked it (the format) it's just a nursery rhyme at the end of the day. Glad you liked it, Jack gets embarrassed these days!

    Hi Fledgling Poet, Jack writes his own stuff these days, he's all grown up now and he plays the drums in a band.

  11. Mmmm, ploughman's lunch...
    what a sweet ditty :^)

  12. Very cool... will read this to my son!

  13. Thanks Lisa!

    Hi John, Thanks!

    Julia, I'm starving!!!

  14. awww- written for your son AND published. Terrific!
    Your pseudonym is cool.


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