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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tuesday (so late it's already Wednesday)

Diamonds and gold and kaleidoscope eyes
Planets where dolphins go fishing with tools
Christmas in August and snow in July
Desalination is nobodies fool

Tell me about the things that you don't do
Sing me the songs that you write late at night
Show me the drawings you sleep walking do
Make me your lover if just for one night

We'll break the rules that are like rotten eggs
You in your shell suit and me in my skin
We'll throw tomatoes when dictators beg
Me and my big mouth you know you can't win

Pentagonal doodles - oodles of fun
Chugabuggawonder we've just begun


  1. This is oodles of fun! You create the most wonderfully absurd and vivid images, -dolphins go fishing with tools- -You in your shell suit and me in my skin-

    This is entrancing.

  2. You and your bloody sonnets!


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