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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Song # 709

The following was inspired by Tony Walsh's poem
that was commissioned by the BBC.


The biggest team in the world V the richest team in the world today
Anyway, it’s derby day, the football barmy red and blue armies
are on the march to the match from the Kippax Street, and the Stretford End
but it’s not only bragging rights at stake in this Manchester derby
it’s the FA Cup, City are the holders, but United are tough
with, Rooney and Giggs. But are City’s, Aguero and Silva enough?
Remember the days of Lee, Bell, and Summerbee, Charlton, Law, and Best?
And all that silverware? Frank Swift and the Busby Babes, lest we forget!

If you can’t get a ticket you’ll be down the pub to watch the big screen
it’ll be the third round at the kick-off, and the fifth round by half-time
and ten pints or more before one side trots off into the fourth round draw.
In every pub in Manchester and for miles and miles around, up town,
down town, red pubs, blue pubs, old pubs, new pubs, everyone will know the score.
You’ll hear the roar as the goals pour in, in Bahrain, Hong Kong, and Bangkok
three or four? Maybe more, home, away, win, or lose, you’ll shout up the booze
to celebrate that what Manchester does today the world still follows…

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