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Wednesday 16 April 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen

Animate, Impassioned, pervert

Even Bradford looks nice if the sun is shining
But don’t take the bus to the Trafford Centre
To look at the marble floors
And the fossils that they've got there 
Some people say what they need to say
To pervert the course of justice
Perjury was never like that before 
Everywhere looks nice when the sun is shining
Even indoors except for cinemas 
Although it’s cold in the bunker 
They say that something comes before a fall
I think it was pride I hope that doesn't change
The impassioned plea I made to the judge and jury 
I bought some Brooklyn hot and spicy wings
From the nice lady at the street food stall 
To complement the fossils in the marble floor
Not wanting to animate the situation 
Never buy a house when the sun is shining

My Day Sixteen from 2013 


  1. ... and make sure of its rise and fall.

  2. I really like this! It makes me want to visit the city, even if it might be dreary.

  3. Of course you can't get wilder than a wet windy Wednesday in Wythenshawe... or bleaker than a blizzard in Blakeley...

  4. I think I live in my own personal Bradford too..never make any life decision when the sun is shining..or you are making it shine with chemical compounds! No amount of chicken wings makes it 'nice'..i like the run of BOLD and small letters..on the outside 'you' smile..inside..not so much maybe :)

  5. I bet those wings do wonders for the marble floor! Nice job!


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