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Sunday 13 April 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen

The Sunday Whirl – Wordle 155
 Swear Limbo Turns Briefly Chant Wrists Deeply
Moonlit Tumble Gaudy Papers Porcelain

Whatever happened to the porcelain doll?
She won’t be in limbo for long
Somewhere under the Milky Way
She turns briefly and starts to chant
Up out into the cold moonlit night
Her foraged papers would suffice
Madly truly deeply insane
She’ll take a tumble soon I swear
He says rolling up a sleeve
To reveal his gaudy watch

My Day Thirteen from 2013


  1. When the porcelain doll takes her tumble, that will be the end of her, will it not?

    Convoluted Whirl

    1. Yeah, I reckon time's running out for her, as he is looking at his gaudy watch.

  2. all the insane dolls eventually crack

  3. I think she will keep going..porcelain is deceptively strong..and canny..besides the Milky Way is a big place to hide in..I like this too!

  4. Those insane porcelain dolls can be tough. She'll probably be back and crazier than ever! Nice job!

  5. Insane or not who cares? Gaudy watches turn me off. Time's ticking for them.

  6. Who is more insane? The porcelain doll, or the wearer of the watch who seems so unhealthily interested? Really like the open-ended mystery you leave us in,


  7. No doubt. That gaudy watch tells more than time.

    Brenda W

  8. Interestingly they all: 'he', doll, watch can be in one piece...

  9. Hi Andy! Love this mysterious piece of writing. I hope all is well with you and yours.


  10. To all Assylum seekers:
    If you read it backwards 3 times dead fast, waving your splayed fingers in front of your eyes, a mirror image of yourself appears in place of the text... I've got everyone in the library doing it... well, it used to be the library...!

  11. Love it. I'm glad you are writing at the Whirl. The Milky Way reference grabbed me. Good to connect out in this bizarre cyber world of writing. Caw! Caw!


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