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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Three Word Wednesday Week 468


Know not what - I could run away again
Gainsborough or some other little town
Owners of robots – your pet slaves hate you
Youthful as I am I’m starting to rust
Trust me I’ve been reprogrammed by the man

Manchester was never this paranoid
Humanoids all look the same to robots
Bottoms up like a farmer’s wife or three
Three blind mice in Grimsby limp past the post
Posters up on the billboards are hateful
Fuelling a revolt from Cleethorpes worldwide

I’d much rather hide before they catch me
Mesmerising me phew stainless steel parts
Arts and crafts they marvel - but - know not what



  1. I suppose one human would be about the same as another to a robot - depending on how it's programmed. So it's the programmers we should fear.

  2. Good point, the problem is that the robots are programming other robots these days.


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