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Friday, 24 June 2016

Blah blah blah...

It’s bed and breakfast with the queen
The EU border at Gretna Green
A united Ireland and other dreams
The union flag’s beyond Jack’s means

Miscellaneous ingenuity
Who trusts who Miss Gullibility 
Your disingenuous two faced love
Remain or stay at the kitchen stove

Arranging leaves about her ears
She stems the blood with pinking shears
Misinformation what a chore
To blame someone she’s looking for

Remote control - drone on and moan
It’s funny how the numbers clone
Shouting louder than the lager lout
She makes her mark but still she doubts

Her children with blunt little scissors
They paste red tapes on her bathroom mirrors
Living in fear as the new dawn breaks
How can she make those Chorley Cakes

She thinks she’s independent thinking
Spouting myths she’s got no inkling
Nothings changed it’s much the same
She still needs someone else to blame

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