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Tuesday 25 April 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day Twenty Five


Disillusioned this time there’s no going back and it’s all downhill now
As cold as a refrigerator - colder - as cold as a freezer
I bury my head in the sands of time she sits inside the fridge freezing 

She was hot once just for a moment it must have been something I said
Although she should take a butcher’s in the mirror it must be my fault
I can only blame myself now sometimes it has to be down to me                                           

One has to take responsibility can’t blame her for hating me
No one hates anyone life is not like that - sometimes it’s just perspective
Retrospective? no not me - I’m forward looking as can be - et vous?

She puts all the names in a hat and shakes them - mine falls out - hits the floor
Trodden underfoot like the pub quiz crib sheet - nobody can win now
The headaches are coming thick and fast - quick quick slow - breathe another breath

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