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Monday 24 April 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day Twenty Four


Idiotic as yesterday was I can’t help myself anymore…
One word follows the next becomes a sentence and so the story grows
I get entangled dangling there like a lemon in an orange tree
The words you speak are from a different language - talk to me full on

Tell me something exciting about yourself (if you want to) maybe
Semantics are as romantic as fishing in a rusty old tub
There’s nothing funny about talking to someone you don’t know at all
Hey how old are you? perish the thought, you really look ten years younger!

Hold the full stops period and exclamation marks dot dot dot ker pow!
Corned beef hash sweet potato mash and a dirty great big plate of chips
Eating yourself to death bursting out of your triple fm size shirt
Here I am throwing maggots for you /at you as you fish in the tub

We’ve been ‘dating’ for three whole paragraphs now - where do we go from here?
Your beach or mine red or white wine coca cola would be fine capiche?

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