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Saturday 22 April 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day Twenty Two


The day the messages dried up
The site went down and the pigeon died
Nobody cried they just took it all in their stride
One giant leap for mankind one small step for man
But perhaps a bridge too far
Fantastic but fun like the funfair was
In nineteen sixty-one before anyone
Had ever heard of The Beatles
Ain’t She Sweet and all that rock ‘n’ roll
That was about to come
Of course rock ‘n’ roll wasn’t new
Look at Elvis and Chuck Berry
To name a couple or should that be a phew
Anyway don’t you just love live music
And the hand jive and all that jazz
And whatever happened to The Who
Not the doctor - who’s there - knock knock
And all that silly twaddle but the band
Not the banned - that’s probably The Stones
Or The Rolling stones that you’re thinking about
Or possibly the dammed hell fire and damnation
That’s where we’re all heading if we don’t buckle up
And/or knuckle down soon
But of course there’s nothing we can do about it
Of ourselves we just have to trust in Him
That has done it for us and secured our salvation


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