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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Back for the weekend..


We were talking turkey
in the pub, about Norfolk
and eating out and farmers...

And I said
They’re not usually
known for their culinary
skills are they?

And the barmaid said
No, but at cunnilingus
they’re red hot!


  1. Bootiful! And I thought turkey was the ONLY food in Norfolk!!! I'll have to meet a Norfolk Broad one of these days.

  2. Hi Stan, what's the weather like in Thailand? Did you hear the one about the bloke from the Bronx? He asked the Farmer what the Broads were like in Norfolk and the Farmer said Wet!

  3. You know what I like about your poetry is the story telling aspect, I can see people talking in the pub and talking about you say they are talking about..it is a story and I like that...

  4. Hi John, thanks for visiting STG, Yeah sometimes pub poetry is literally that, just me reporting on what I overheard in the pub.. A kind of 'found poetry' I guess.


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