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Thursday 5 April 2012

Day Five

NaPoWriMo 2012

Here's another try at the Triolet:

The surgeon sent me for a scan
I'm not allowed to drive my car
A no-brainer it's like a ban

The surgeon sent me for a scan
An operation for to plan
I pray that it won't go that far

The surgeon sent me for a scan
Then said go home and drive your car


  1. The surgeon sent Andy for a scan
    said 'By George this Guy's a poet
    His brilliant brain gets him fame
    And he doesn't even remember what he wroet

  2. Thanks Rall, the surgeon said he thinks I'm fine
    Of course he'd never seen blue blood before
    And when he found that I could make this rhyme
    he said go home take up your bed and walk
    go home and drive yourself into the ground
    thanks Rall, the surgeon said he thinks I'm fine.

  3. Great news!The surgeon probably needed to be hospitalised himself at the sight of all that blue blood.You take care...there's a shortage of blue blooded poets. Happy Easter Darl

  4. Nice form and rhyming words ~

    I hope you get the rest ~

    Happy Easter ~


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