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Wednesday 3 April 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 Day Three

NaPoRiMo 2013
Day Three

sooner or later (and he hoped sooner)
something had to give
they talk about experimental
and state the obvious

bang it all goes up in smoke
cream cakes would have been better
cheaper even much cheaper
but there's always a reason for

the things that governments do
they never call the shots they
just react to them and withdraw
back into anonymity

that's what he told me anyway
of course he should know
because his girlfriend went out
with a policeman once or did she

just get arrested I really can't
remember it was all so long ago
he was the sort of geezer that
always knew someone who knew

something about everything so
of course I trusted him you would
have done too he was very convincing
later (much later) I found out that he

was a con man he just got you to
trust him and then he ripped you off
I was lucky because I didn't have any
money in my bank account you see

I didn't trust banks anymore than he
trusted governments so when he told
me that he'd moved all his money
offshore to Cyprus I just laughed

sorry mate I said I'm pink lint

Day Three last year.


  1. In the money-go-round, the cash always ends up back in the hands of the people you're bailing out, because they ripped you off in the first place... before you even voted for them...

    1. Hi Stan, I didn't, don't and won't vote for any of them, you couldn't trust them as far as you could, would and should throw 'em!

  2. Pink lint! How grand, never heard the term before. I surmise it means "out of funds or penniless." Love your style of writing. Fresh, casual, relaxed, not heavy or stilted.

    1. Thanks Marianne, yeah Pink lint is Cockney rhyming slang for skint.

  3. What a wonderful romp of poetry--the style sounds like a smooth talker, great rhythm--could almost fit rap! Loved this :-)

  4. Super tale, much fun, loved every line of it.


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