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Sunday 27 April 2014

NaPoWriM0 2014 Day Twenty-Seven

Day Twenty-Seven

Wordle 158
Leave, Cheat, Chew, Branch, Channel, Beastly, Few, 
Cancer, Release, Speak, Become, Beading.

Don’t ever leave me please don’t let me go
You know I didn't mean to cheat on you
Across the channel things were oh so slow
Don’t chew me up and spit me out my blue

I took a chance reached for the candle branch
I could become anything if I could fly
Release me from the hold you have carte blanche
Don’t speak to me of debts and courts to try

After all you beat the beastly cancer
And I’m right here with you back by your side
If only I really knew the answer
I do know that there is no place to hide

Under the coffin lid’s old oak beading
The chosen few need no help with reading

My Day Twenty-Seven from 2013 


  1. Glad you took a chance. You may know the answer...for you, at least.

  2. This is a lovely sonnet. Well wordled!

  3. I am still looking for the answer, Andy. Nice sonnet indeed.


  4. Love the sonnet, how words flowing...last line a little mysterious...

  5. A well-penned sonnet. There is a sort of ambiguity in your words which gives it a nice touch.

  6. Good sonnet, the last line is intriguing


  7. Death and carrots... Don't like the thought of either, but seeing in the dark... 'what's up doc?'

  8. And that last verse is a tale Grimm also..apple trees and wishes..delightfully mysterious

  9. A sonnet.. how impressive to do that out of the wordle.. and how sad with last couplet..

  10. Who ever knows the whole truth? Even the chosen few who know it may not understand. "No man is an island..." but often we appear so. Intriguing piece of work.


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