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Tuesday 7 April 2015

Day Seven

Uppishly thinking they cannot be seen
Numb as a numbskull on bacon and eggs
Monday became Tuesday with brand new tyres
Useless as troglodytes without a cave
Sobbing for Paddington and for Poo Bear
I don’t know how these things happen so quickly
Crazy as spaceships that clouds ride upon
Anyhow that’s the way things are these days
Leaning on lampposts waiting for mother

Rickshaws were never that fast anyway
Others are spending their money with us
Sooty and Sweep and Christopher Robin
Egging on robots and aliens too
Saving for days when the rain might not come


To see how I did this mad acrostic you can visit my other bloggage Dream Genie and read the post 'Miraculousness'.


  1. STONE the crows, not the ROSES
    I'm posting daily on my blog, don't always have internet access to FB... JSYN

    1. I've been trying to follow what you're doing, but I don't manage to get there every day. I'm posting everything here, and reading other peoples stuff when I can.


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