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Sunday 12 April 2015

Day Twelve

After a great high comes a massive fall
the brick wall that I just hit is still up
and standing apart from a great big hole
but I'm not I'm flat out pushing up bricks
crying myself to sleep under the quilt
trying to tell the Doctor in my head
she's gone when she's gone there's no banging on
no hanging on to the world or that girl
because she's gone when she's done and she's gone
 no harping on for the world when they've won
we scored the first and last goal and the rest
oh so absurd I confess I'm depressed


  1. 3 Hail Mary's, 2 Our Fathers and a Glory Be.... Or you could try Sertraline or some other psychic tricyclic....
    Stanski for the early news, Hua Kua City, Thailand

  2. Love the forty two hour party thing you've got going on over in Hua Kua City!


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