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Friday, 11 March 2016

Aashray and Anu

When Aashray reads his science book
His sister Anu takes a look                                                               

At Cosmonauts and Astronauts
And marching Martians on the Moon
They're mixing magic with their thoughts                       
We’ll surely all be weightless soon

If everybody understood
That everything is made of wood

Where Barbie dolls are dressed in pearls
And even paper comes from trees
But in the mind of little girls
The moon is blue and made of cheese

Though living in this world down here
We’re subject to the atmosphere

So like an eagle in the sky
Just once the dream of puppet toys
When only pigs and cars could fly
To have a science book for boys



  1. Yes, when are they having one for the boys. The boys would be just as interested!


  2. Thanks Hank, it is meant to be for both sexes, maybe I haven't explained it too well.


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