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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Three Word Wednesday Week 469


I tell her the girl sitting next to me
I can’t recall what my name used to be
But of course she didn’t recognise me
Any more than I knew who she used to be

Her piercing blue eyes questioning me
My name’s Doodle I stutter monorhyme
It’s not my real name it’s what they call me
Doodle she laughs that is a crazy name

I have to obey when they command me
I am their pet robot I must rename
The Batmobile driver used to be me
They have reprogrammed me down to downtime

The naked truth is you’re wrong she tells me
The Batmobile driver you see was me



  1. Leaping lizards, Batman. I thought the Batmobile drove itself. Next he will rename as Robin.

    The disjointure of thought here reminds me a great deal of Walter from my serial.


    1. Thanks Alice, I think they both think they drove the Batmobile because their memories have been recycled so many times.

      Also I used to write about a couple called Dawn and Dave who had a pet Robot and a replica Batmobile that the robot drove sometimes.

  2. There is comedy and sadness in this but the end line left me with a sense of acceptance and unconditional love/care - no matter what our foibles maybe..such a unique piece - as always

  3. Ha! This is truly unique...your interpretation. Loved it!

    1. I've been following your story, amazing! Looking forward to part three.

  4. Very nice! I love rhymes - they are my favorite form of poetry! love the monorhyme


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