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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Flitch Faction in 501 words #1

FLITCH FACTION in 501 words...
the idea is to write something off the top of your head in exactly 501 words, then post it on your weblog and leave a link in my comments. Happy writing!

The subject this week is DOWN UNDER

Here's mine:

They built the power station next door to the coal mine which made a lot of sense at the time but then one day they closed all the coal mines in that country because they were a post production society now and it wasn’t pc to send men down underground or to rape the earth for coal anymore and because Maggie wanted to smash the unions and a few faces like her forebears did at Peterloo and they said it was the wrong type of coal anyway like the wrong type of snow that brought the railways to a halt twenty five years ago so they have to import the right type of coal now to feed the power station from Australia so they’re still getting their coal from down under even if it is from an opencast mine then they ship it to a dock and load it onto a conveyor belt that goes straight to the furnace so the people of that country can watch TV and microwave their frozen sausages to keep them warm when they do a hard days work online and nobody says anything about raping the earth anymore or about the fracking state of that country or the dangers of  deep down under the sea gold mining in Africa or the seven mile long tunnel they want to build beneath the bestest little city on earth and you don’t hear much about Mrs Whippy now she’s pushing up daisies unless it’s about one of her twins being lost in the Sahara or when bus fares go up like they do every year since deregulation and the national health service in that country is falling apart and they still want to privatise it like she wanted to so everyone in that country can make somebody in another country very rich like they did with the railways and the national grid and try to make people buy shares in something they already own and sell off all the council houses so there’s no place for people to rent in the villages and all the young people have to move to the towns because nobody can afford to work on the farms anymore and they will have to import their food from somewhere else like they do with coal and the ex-pats will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of supplying lamb chops with NZ stamped on them again and as the bird flu over the cuckoos nest so free range eggs will get very expensive as information starts coming out of lugholes and emerges like planets and atolls they’re still looking for Atlantis don’t they know that there’s a whole undiscovered continent beneath the ocean knowledge is the beginning of something and the end of something else I’m not having a dig at that country or raping the earth or anything honestly I’m simply recycling re-purposing reusing and redesigning absolutely everything I can lay my hands on even if that does mean me digging down under.


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