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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Rockin' Chair Writers. Prompt #2.

Montmatre to Montparnasse
Sorbonne to Pigalle.
Fifth Avenue to Forty second street
and Broadway.
No matter where you walk
these streets sing
and those walls talk.
If this was Paris
or New York
these streets would sing
those walls would talk.
But this is England
and it hums and it hums.
London and its rubber drums
Manchester and her slums...


  1. I like how the last three lines rhyme, like everything fits right when you are home!

  2. Hi Linda, not only do the last three lines rhyme but also 'rubber drums' is rhyming slang too.

  3. It has a beat to it.

    I like the internal rhymings.

  4. Thanks Gautami, I'm just hanging this one out to dry..

  5. Having been to three out of the four cities, they do have a beat that is unique.

    Thanks for joining the prompt this week.

  6. A lively poem, and the rhyming at the end is excellent.

  7. I think it's all a matter of perspective - to me the streets of London often sing with the voice of thousands of immigrants, blending old with new in an ever-changing melody.

  8. Yeah thanks Brian, You're spot on and Manchester has a cool beat too..

    Thanks Anthony, I thought I'd throw a little rhyme in.

    Hi Robin, That's so true it is a matter of perspective, the point I was trying to make was that London and Manchester are just ordinary to me but Paris and New York are perhaps places that I aspire to be.

  9. I like it, it has that rhyme to it and you set london and manchester apart from the rest..

  10. Thanks Just Jen, London and Manchester are the Cities I know best. Paris and New York are like magical places in my imagination, they are special, and for me their streets are still paved with gold. Whereas London and Manchester have long since lost their lustre.

  11. Nice to meet you!

    I enjoyed the beat and emotion you exposed here. They all have slums and I'm sure Manchester has a few songs you have forgotten. ;)

  12. Nice to meet you too Tammy and thanks for commenting. And Yes, you're right on both counts.

  13. The repetition of the lines "and those walls..." lays on some great percussion.
    I like the flow of thought

  14. Thanks Aar, I just read your 'song' it was such fun!

  15. Sorry, it took me a few days to get back here. I completely get what you were saying, and saying quite well I might add. To me, London is the exotic where New York will always be the familiar comfort of home.

  16. Thanks Robin, I'm glad we got that one cleared up.


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