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Saturday 2 April 2016

Day Two 2016

Day Two
Today’s challenge at NaPoWriMo is to write a poem that takes the form of a family portrait. You could write, for example, a stanza for each member of your family. You could also find an actual snapshot of your family and write a poem about it, spending a little bit of time on each person in the picture. You don’t need to observe any particular form or meter. Happy writing!

Here’s Mine:

Photogenic not photosynthesis
I swear the picture’s looking back at me
A million years ago in days of bliss
Of me and my robotic family

Such artistic vision encapsulates
And mirrors my eternal entity
This very soul of mine which can’t escape
Then in my mind I truly would be free

They say you only reap the things you sow
My hair is purple blue and red aflame
My eyes are whiter than the driven snow
Looking back my portrait is still the same

I used to cry each time they sold my clone
As time progressed I valued being alone


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