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Sunday 3 April 2016

Day Three

NaPoWriMo 2016

Day Three
Today’s prompt at NaPoWriMo says: Let’s turn our vision outward, and write fan letters. I challenge you to write a poem in the form of a fan letter to a celebrity. Now, this could be a celebrity from long ago, and needn’t be an actor or singer (though it could be). You could write to George Washington or Dorothy Dandridge, Marie Curie or The Weekend. Happy writing!

Here’s mine:

Dear Batman, I’m your biggest fan
Robin’s bobbins compared to you
You’re greater than the also rans
Superman, and Spiderman too

You’re the best of the very best
They just don’t measure up like you
And I’m not talking Adam West
The Riddler can’t out riddle you

Love the way you Zapped! The Joker
Kerplop! Thunk! Blam! One thump, Pow! Swish!
When you hit him with that poker
And Catwoman is such a dish

So, Batman I’m your biggest fan
I love the way you Whack! And Wham!

Here's another Batman piece I wrote in 2010 clink~da~link

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