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Thursday 25 May 2017

Blackpool Blues...

Drifting off kaleidoscoping into dreams
with ever increasing decreasing patterns
The orchids wave gently in the artificial air
Waking from a deep sleep I start to communicate
like a mad thing my eyes the size of saucers
My dentures clamped tightly to my tongue
After dark my teeth begin to chatter
By the next day there’s no stopping me
I’m talking for Blackpool barking up the tower
Signing copies of someone else’s book

Monday 1 May 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017 Conclusion


Well, what can I say? First of all congratulations to all my fellow challengers and poetic friends for completing yet another NaPoWriMo. This was my ninth year, and I probably produced some of my worst work ever. It is always difficult to produce something fresh and new on a daily basis, and this April was particularly hard for me. Many thanks for reading my posts this year. I will leave you with my May Day Poem: 

Attributes distribution retribution and anything bigger than Rhinoceros
The city grows exponentially as the mean number of poor people increase
Nobody knows the fine art of devaluation like the corrupt official
Bent as a nine bob note he goes straight for the proverbial jugular
Dollars and cents were never this important before the great wall of Chihuahua
All these self important people running around chasing their own tails
They’ll tell you anything they think you want to hear like it or not sideways
We’re both doing the same thing in different back yards digging doesn’t help
When the balloon goes up everybody gets burnt not just those that play with fire
We all try to make our mark sometimes too casually perhaps maybe someday…
Be careful what you wish for she’s got a ball and chain welded to that railing
Her smile is deadly and her voice will mesmerise you if you let it happen
Love is just out of reach just beyond the fence that you can’t jump over
But different cities will flash through your memory as you tune back in
Who are you and how often do you come to this great place to pray?
He walks out of the cathedral blinking in the warm sunlight outside
Everybody’s a number now they have all been fish chipped and tattooed
She thinks I’m looking for her following her in the rain with a broken umbrella
He went to the tailors bought a new suit had it altered smart as a Munchkin
Miss-jointed disappointed un-anointed and anything bigger than Rhinoceros  


You can read the Nairobics version of this piece on my Dream Genie blog.