I know you love me but if you follow me I'll love you too!

Monday 26 November 2007

RWP#2 Eating

Don’t you just hate shopping don’t you just hate shops
Don’t you just hate spending when you’re out of slops!
Some recipes you love some menus you hate
If you’re eating out you don’t want to be late
Don’t you just love Cooking don’t you just love food
Don’t you just love eating when you’re in the mood
Don’t you just love pancakes they’re so quick to make
You batter the pan and flip ‘em when they take!
Mama Mia! Just the same way that I learnt…
Umm, Just like ‘me Mama’ used to make ‘em… Burnt!

WI-12 Got Your Letter

I got your letter yesterday
How I wish you could come to stay
Even though you’re so far away
You wrote a note to say that you
Miss me need me want me love me
You are my sun you are my moon
You are my lyric and my tune
You are my midnight and my noon
So please please come back some day soon
Miss you need you want you love you
Don’t you know that I love you too?

Thursday 22 November 2007


Don’t know much about the turkey thing
Don’t know much Thanksgiving
Don’t know much about dollars + cents
Don’t know much about the Presidents

Don’t know much about Boston Tea
Don’t know much I’m from the old country
Don’t know much about Apple pie + cream
Don’t know much about The American Dream!

But I do know what love can do
And I know that if your dreams come true
What a wonderful world this would be.

'Wonderful World' written by Sam Cooke, Lou Adler + Herb Alpert
first performed by Sam Cooke 1957
Italics by Danny Wise 2007

Wednesday 21 November 2007


dream walk
it should have been a breeze a walk
in the park but there were no trees
or grass the earth was parched dry and
sun cracked – we walked with the other
safari tourists through this place

this barren land - keeping to the
makeshift road following the tyre
tracks of a thousand 4X4’s
that come and go through this harsh land
with its hard baked sand and no wind

then we saw all the dead monkeys
piled high alongside the road
all their tails had been cut-off
why? What for? we kept on walking

on the other side of the track
an even bigger stack of dead
lion and tiger cubs rotting
but not even a bird came to
pick their bones in this desert place

moving talking amongst ourselves
until we saw them sitting there
they looked like they were dead at first
they sat there absolutely still

shuffling uncomfortably
we shuddered as we passed them by
blood spurting out from one mans nose
we can’t believe they’re still alive

a little girl on the tour said:
look daddy that man's not quite dead
but her father dragged her away
‘they haven’t killed the natives yet’

at the end of the walk there was
a stack of leather shoes and some
old cosmetics and toiletries

when we reached the safari lodge
hotel no-one wanted to eat
except one man who insisted
on tasting the monkey-tail soup.

Monday 19 November 2007

The American Sentence RWP#1

We usually string-up people who shoot the sherif in this town.
You will serve a twenty-year sentence in an American jail.
The prison guards, the chain-gang and all the rocks are waiting to break you!

Here's my first attempt at the concept of The American Sentence.
I think the syllables are dependent on the pronunciation.
Yes, I know that there are rules, but rules are there to be broken, aren't they?


Wednesday 14 November 2007

TOP 6 Places

Gordon’s a drinker he likes to
get off on his own. He goes to
places that even most Wino’s
don’t know. They’ve got rats as big as
cats in New York City with scraps
and rich pickings in hotel trash.
Hey, Ratcatcher, What do you say?
If rats will eat pigswill they may
well grow as fat as pigs someday!

So, have you seen Gordon today?
He’s fast asleep in a sewer,
Over on the East Side, stone drunk!
Yeah, but do you think he looks well?
I don’t know, do I? I don’t think!
To say what you said, you just did.
Well, I guess if pigs could fly, we’d
sure have a rat-infested sky!


Tuesday 13 November 2007

WI-10 Friendship

Never underestimate
a friendship.
Never take your
friends for granted.
Even if she is
the new kid!
Don't back-bite
her or pretend.
Let me tell you
now my China!
She just wants
to be your friend.
I have heard that:
A friend in need
is a friend indeed.
Sometimes it's down
to you to plant
the first seed.
You may be her
only true friend.
Everybody needs
a new friend.
Never underestimate
a friendship.

Thursday 8 November 2007

TOP 5 Evocative

Jack-boot kick-arse kicks the Slav, who
cowers on the floor. Clink,clink, pick!
Pickaxe chips. Rock splits, water drips…
“Water, please!" He pleads, "some water?”

Rottweillers straining at their leash
Snap at the thirsty prisoner.
Schwein hund!’ The soldier lashes out!
The dogs MUST drink the wasser first!

The barking mad guard un-holsters
his Luger and aims the pistol
at the starving Slavic slaves head.
Shizenhausen!’ he screams and fires.

Dying of thirst the naked man
Digs his own grave with bandaged hands.

Tuesday 6 November 2007

November the sixth...

The firemen go past
here all the time.
Blue light flashing
siren sounding.
They reach their destination
drive round the block
radio in:
"It's another false alarm."
In the morning you walk
past an empty house.
The doors are charred
the glass in the window frames
has gone.
It smells like
November the sixth.
I pulled this one from the archives at StraightTalkingStreetTalkingSweet...TalkingGuy!

WI-9 Unforgettable!

mad insane
walking in the rain
we were talking on the train
about the day that we first met
we must have been
mad insane
walking in the rain
we were walking talking getting wet
the day that we first met
I’ve not forgotten yet
you’re unforgettable!

Thursday 1 November 2007

TOP 4 Work

If you don’t eat
you don’t stop
If you don’t stop
you don’t play
If you don’t play
you don’t stay
If you don’t stay
you don’t sleep

If you don’t sleep
you don’t wake
If you don’t wake
you don’t take
If you don’t take
you don’t make
If you don’t make
you don’t work

If you don’t work
you don’t eat!
If you don’t eat
You don’t live
If you don’t live
You don’t breathe
If you don’t breathe
You don’t need

If you don’t need
You don’t have
If you don’t have
You don’t want
If you don’t want
You don’t give
If you don’t give
a fig about work!